Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Easiest Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe

Baking is something I've got into recently and I'm really enjoying it. I even did 2 weeks of work experience in one of Londons most famous bakeries. I love that you can start with nothing much and end up with an amazing cake. There's much argument in our house about what is the best Victoria sponge cake recipe, so I decided to merge a few together to find the easiest, quickest recipe i can! The majority of the recipe is from the Primrose Bakery recipe book, but parts of it are also from other places. Enjoy...


210g self raising flour
225g granulated sugar
1tsp baking powder
1tsp vanilla extract
225g unsalted butter
4 eggs
3tbsp semi skimmed milk
2-3 tbsp jam
2tbsp double cream
Icing sugar
Strawberries (optional)


2x sandwich cake tins
Wooden spoon
Bowl (mines from waitrose - isn't it pretty!)


Add the flour, sugar and baking powder into the bowl and mix well.

Add the eggs, butter, milk and vanilla essence.

Mix until well combined (it's important not to over mix as the cake won't be as light)

Split evenly into two tins - you may have to weigh them to ensure they're equal.

Pop them in the oven at 180 degrees for 25 minutes but keep an eye on them, mine were ready after 20 minutes. Leave to cool in tins for at least 10 minutes

Next, empty them out of their tins and carefully cut off the top of one of them so you have a flat surface.

Grab the double cream, a bowl and a whisk and give it a few seconds of whisking then spread it on top of your first cake.

If you have them, now is the time to add strawberries! This is completely optional but I think it really adds a freshness to the cake.

Now spread the other cake with a thin layer of strawberry jam. And when I say thin, I mean thin! It's really tempting to put lots of jam on but just putting 2-3 tablespoons on means that the cake has a really nice balance to it.

This is the tricky part! Turn the jam covered cake upside down and carefully place it on top of the cream cake and dust with icing sugar.

I'd love to know if you make this cake or something similar! Are you into baking or is it something you've never really tried?

Monday, 12 August 2013

Guest Post // Roisin - Cauliflower Crust Pizza

I am Roisin, 28 and live in SW London.

I set up Healthy and Hearty just over a year ago in response to requests
from friends for recipes I had used to help me lose weight (approx 2 stone
in a year).  I had been clear with everyone, I had not done this by cutting
out, but by learning to cook better and adpating recipes.  Since then I
have found the blog useful to help keep me on track and to keep me trying
new foods and recipes.

Cauliflower crust (carb-free) pizza

For a while Pintrest has been going nuts for italian dishes which have been
made carb-free.  Lasagne with courgette instead of pasta (which I have also
attempted and blogged) and caulflower crust pizza.  This was by far one of
my more delicious experiements and it satisfies a craving for a remarkably
low number of calories!

*For the base:*
1/4 cauliflower
1 Egg
30g low fat Mozzarella
Italian Seasoning

*For the topping:*
3 tbsp Tomato Puree
1/2 tsp Garlic Puree
1 tbsp Sundried tomato pesto
30g low fat Mozzarella
20g low fat cheddar


Grate the cauliflower into 'rice' and microwave for 7 mins.  Whisk in the
egg and seasoning and stir in chopped mozzarella.

Line a baking sheet with grease-proof paper and spread dough out on it.
 Bake for 15 mins.

Mix tomato puree, garlic puree and pesto together, spread on top of base
once cooked and then top with chopped Mozzarella and grated cheddar.

Bake for a further 10 mins.

*Calories per pizza: *360

Guest Post // The Sorting House - Nail Art

Hello bloggerinos!
The Sorting House is compiled by a 24 year old French language graduate, currently living in Manchester, England. The blog features a little bit of everything; it’s mostly a place for me to share my inspirations, whims and ramblings with added reviews, nail art and whatever else takes my fancy. I’m really interested in contributing to a community of like minded bloggers, just like A Slice of London life, because it’s important to help each other out, not just online but in real life too. It’s nice to be nice now people!
The Sorting House has designed a special mani exclusively for A Slice of London Life blog. I was inspired by the girly layout of the blog here and thought some super pink, London inspired nail art wouldn’t go amiss. Plus it doesn’t hurt to represent all of us British bloggers within the blogosphere of course!

The Sorting House is currently undergoing a makeover and will soon move over to a new site, so stay tuned for updates and be the first to know on Twitter @thesortinghouse or Facebook
You can also see pictures before anyone else on Instagram @thesortinghouse
Thank you for inspiring me A Slice of London Life, I love your blog so far and I hope your holiday is amazing, I can’t wait to read all about it when you’re back!
The Sorting House x

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Guest Post // Helen - The Skincare Tag


Hello everyone – I’m Helen from Beautifully Superfluous and today I’m guest posting for Issie so a massive thank you to Issie for letting me do this for her! I’m a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger but my main love is beauty – specifically skincare. I find skincare fascinating and think that everyone should make the most of their skin. We only get one face, right? I recently came across this skincare tag that’s been floating about different blogs for some time now so I thought it would make a great post for you all whilst Issie is away. I hope you like it!

Cleanse, tone, serum, Hydraluron, moisturiser.

For such a long time I was convinced that I just had dry skin. It turns out, after much investigation, I actually have very dehydrated skin that’s combination dry to oily (on my T-Zone). Everyone’s skin is capable of being more than one thing at once so never just assume you’re one thing when you could be a mixture.

I adore Hydraluron from Indeed Labs – it’s a gel texture product that you apply to your skin after serum and before moisturiser. It creates a net across your skin to capture moisture which keeps your skin hydrated and feeling softer for longer. It may be pricey but it’s worth every penny and a little goes a long way.

I don’t actually have a product for this. I just think that continuing with a good skincare routine day and night, and that leaving your blemishes well alone, will do better than sticking a ton of other products onto them. In extreme cases I’ll mix a little bit of organic honey with a crushed aspirin and rub it lightly onto the offending area – it’s a natural way of getting rid of blemishes that doesn’t interfere with my skincare routine.

I hate face wipes. Whilst they’re quick and easy they’re also so bad for your skin. Face wipes don’t remove makeup as much as just move it about your face. They also contain mineral oil which forms a barrier on your skin, stopping moisture from getting in and trapping bacteria which cause blemishes.

I used to think Toners were a complete waste of time but now I use them religiously. I use two, one after the other. I use one of the new exfoliating toners, which contain acids to break down the dead skin cells, straight after cleansing. My current one is the Pixi Skin Treats Glow Tonic. I then use a moisturising toner, like the Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner, straight afterwards to take the acid off my skin and to add a little moisture back to my skin.

As much as I like to spend a lot of money on both I see skincare as an investment. I believe that there’s no point in putting paint on a dirty canvas. If you have good skin then, arguably, cheap makeup can look like its high end.

I once received a Rodial Snake Serum Face Mask in a Glossybox. The idea of putting anything like that near my face didn’t make me very happy but I tried it nonetheless. To be honest, it didn’t really do anything for me. A lot of people rave about it but I personally don’t understand the fuss.

I actually had this dilemma back in February. Without thinking about it I would go for the Lierac Paris Masque Confort. This is what I picked up when I was skiing in the Alps. My skin was wind whipped and chaffed. Lierac is such an under-rated brand here in the UK. The Masque Confort is a thick cream which can be used as a moisturising face mask but I used it as a night cream. It’s luxuriously scented and instantly relieves dehydrated, irritated skin.

Everyone knows about drinking plenty of water and getting lots of sleep but I highly recommend assessing your diet if you want clear skin. A lot of people have allergies that they aren’t aware of that really can affect your skin. Since I cut out dairy and alcohol and cut down on sugar my skin has improved dramatically. Whilst I enjoy the odd treat here and there, I know my skin will retaliate with a blemish if I indulge too much. Sugar is especially evil when it comes to skin – it’s been medically proven that the more sugar, refined or unrefined, the older you look and the more blemish prone your skin is.

So that was my skincare tag! I hope you enjoyed it and perhaps want to try a couple of the products that I swear by or have picked up a few tips? Let me know in the comments below. If you have any direct questions then let me know on Twitter (@Superfluous_B).
Thanks again to Issie!

Guest Post // Inês - Holiday Make Up Bag

Hello everyone! I'm Inês, a 20 year old girl from Portugal. I have a blog, 'Little white Mirror', where I post about fasion, beauty and lifestyle.

Today I'm doing a guest post here at 'A Slice Of London Life' about beauty... I will show you what's inside my Holiday makeup bag!

For my face I only use a BB cream (this one is from Avon) because it gets really hot here in Portugal, so the last thing you wanna do is cover your face with heavy foundation after a beach day! Then a little bit of powder (also from Avon), a matt bronzer from Essence (smells like coconut!) and some highlighter (from Catrice) and you get a natural summer glowing skin. 

For my eyes I avoided eye shadows, only took eyeliners with me. The white one for my waterline and the others for my lower lash line. A little bit of mascara and brow gel, eyes are done!

Finally, for my lips I went with 3 pink lipsticks, not very dramatic ones as you can see. 

I like to keep my makeup really natural, especially in those super hot summer days, and play a little bit more with clothes accessories. 

(My makeup bag is from Primark btw!)

I hope you liked this post! Let me know what you think of it, and what are your favourite Holiday makeup products.



Friday, 9 August 2013

Guest Post // - Bringing The Confidence Back To Your Style

Hi Guys, while I'm on holiday, The lovely Ammarrah agreed to do a guest post for me. Enjoy!

Well, I’ll cut straight to the chase, my name is Ammarrah, an unusual name I know, I get that a lot. Originally, a born and bred Yorkshire lass I am temporarily living down south while at University. But, that’s enough about me, what you really want to know is about my blog. So I’m going to do the best I can to introduce it to you…
You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and stare at your wardrobe for what seems like hours and still undecided on what to wear. Well, that was me, everyday, same routine, a full wardrobe but nothing to wear…
It was forever my endless excuse to pull out my shiny piece of plastic and hit the shops so that I could keep looking “stylish”.
Until one day, reality had hit hard, I found myself so deep in my overdraft and all in the name of fashion. But why did I continue to buy when I had clothes falling out of my wardrobe? Before any upcoming event my first thought would be where shall I buy my outfit from? Because like many of us, I was under the misconception that style was all about spending. In order to look good I had to buy a new outfit for every occasion. Well I’m here to tell you the truth; style narrows down to two words… confidence and coordination. The simple task of taking something old and making it look new! And it really is that simple once you know how.

So I started my “Many Ways To Wear” articles, in which, one item of clothing will stay the same for four different outfits/occasions. I have included one below, but I just want to briefly mention that this is only one of the article categories, my blog also includes, Outfits of the day, Seasonal Articles and Day to Night articles so lots of photos to inspire your style.
Before, leaving you to read the article I also want to quickly mention my campaign, which will be up in September once my August exams are over. This is all about bringing the confidence back to your style, and by after introducing this I hope to have you all saying “I am (your name), and I am confident about my style.” You can find out more about this on the blog. But now I shall leave you to read the first Many Ways to Wear article. Enjoy!

Finally, my first many ways to wear article has arrived! I have lots more of these planned at the end of August, but I’m sure most of you know exactly what exam periods are like and with them now flying round the corner so soon, I am revising all the hours I possibly can.
Back to my many ways to wear your peplum though, I put together a few outfits to really highlight the versatility of a peplum top. And for those of you that may be a little undecided on a peplum top then hopefully this article can be a decision maker for you.



Blazer- Zara 
Top- Topshop
 Jeans- Topshop 
Shoes- Topshop 
Bag- Zara 
Necklace- Topshop
Bracelets- Primark

A more day going out/ afternoon drinks with the girls.

Top- Topshop 
Leggings- River Island 
Necklace/Anklets- Ebay 
Boots- Asos 
Backpack- Asos
Bracelets- Primark

A very casual, day to day outfit.

Top- Topshop 
Skirt- River Island 
Boots- Missguided 
Necklace- Ark 
Bag- Zara

Another dressy-uppy day outfit, (by changing the shoes, this could also be formal.)

Top- Topshop 
Disco Pants- American Apparel 
Shoes- Zara 
Bag- Zara 
Necklace- Ebay

And there you have my many ways to wear your peplum top. Are you still undecided? Or are you ready to face the day in your peplum top?

I really do think by creating new outfits out of items you have in your wardrobe is one the best ways to save money! Automatically, when we have a new event coming up we immediately think, I’ve got nothing to wear, but, I’m really hoping that with my many ways to wear articles I will be able to emphasise and demonstrate to you how to make the most of your wardrobe without having to constantly buy new clothes.
I hope you liked my first many ways to wear article and please leave your comments below. Oh! and lastly before I forget, I had a few emails about the pictures being a bit small in articles where I have aligned four together, just want to let you know I have now made it so you can click on the photo and it will open up larger. Hope that’s better for you!
Lots of love,
Ammarrah xo
And remember ladies, “the best thing a woman can wear is confidence.”

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Wanted: guest blogger


I'm going away for a weekend to the middle of Devon and there won't be phone signal, let alone wifi! I was planning on just scheduling loads of posts but I thought it would be a good time to introduce some guest bloggers.

Your post can be on literally any topic: beauty, fashion, travel, pets, budgeting, recipes and anything else you can think of! 

I will promote you on twitter aswell as on my blog.

Just send your post (with an introduction to you and your blog) and pictures to by 6pm on Thursday!

You haven't got long so get writing!